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Mentor Pledge Reporting

Will you take the NWTF Mentor Pledge this season by taking a new or lapsed hunter into the field in 2020? We need outdoorsmen and women like you to become a mentor and help introduce new hunters to our passion. It’s as simple as inviting someone new to join you the next time you hunt — a friend, a coworker, a social acquaintance. Replace yourself with someone who doesn’t look like you. The future of our outdoor lifestyle depends on it.

Step 1: Sign Up to Become a Mentor

Click here and fill our mentor pledge.

Step 2: Report on Your Hunt

Click here to report your hunt details and sign up for a NWTF Mentor decal.

* After mentoring new/lapsed hunter, you must report the completion of the hunt to be eligible for the drawing (we do not collect personal data for mentees). A follow-up email will provide instructions on how to enter completed mentored hunts.