As an active National Wild Turkey Federation member, you understand our organization and the sacred relationship between wildlife, wild places and people. The last four months have changed all our lives and challenged us to re-evaluate our priorities and our passions. In short, COVID-19 has threatened lives, livelihoods and the NWTF.

To help sustain our mission, we have had to streamline our organization to better fit the financial reality of today. These measures were painful but helped us reduce expenses substantially. However, it is not enough; we still need your help to keep our mission, our operations and our field work alive. Replacing the lost revenue from shutting down our fundraising events this spring will ensure our beloved mission lives on for future generations. This is the reason we are issuing a rare Call for All to raise an additional $5 Million this summer.

To date we have raised almost $500,000 towards our goal. This has reduced our target to $5M. With your help we can reach that target.


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